Hybrid Party

So you want to host a hybrid board games party. You'll want some or all of the following things:
  • Hybrid board games. Examples:
  • Hybrid foods. For example:
    • Waffle Cheese Sandwiches (a grilled cheese sandwich made panini style in a waffle iron)
    • Hummus Tomato Soup
    • Pizza Rice
    • Spaghetti Tacos
  • Hybrid Conversation. Even if the conversation remains monolingual, we may comfort ourselves with the knowledge that "monolingual" is itself a hybrid of the Greek monos meaning "one" and the Latin lingua meaning "tongue". On that note, bonus points for having conversations about any of the topics on this page
  • Hybrid Music. A quick search will turn up lots of Beatles songs done in baroque style and other amusing combinations. (Techno Mozart!) Consider also getting some P.D.Q. Bach music requiring a Tromboon.
  • Hybrid Clothes.
    • skorts
    • glittens
    • period dress from multiple periods
  • Other amusing conglomerates.

Mix with friends and a suitably amusing invite and be sure to have your party on a non-prime (composite) day of the month.