Scrabble Fluxx

Scrabble Fluxx is a board game that combines the games of Scrabble and Fluxx in a particularly intuitive and entertaining way. These rules assume that you are familiar with the regular gameplay of both Scrabble and Fluxx and that you have access to both games. The game can be played with 2-4 players (or more if you can find some extra Scrabble stands somewhere).

Setup: At the beginning of the game, all players are dealt a standard Scrabble hand of seven tiles and a standard Fluxx hand of three cards. The Scrabble board is laid out normally, and the Fluxx Basic Rules card is in play. Use your favorite strategy to choose a player to go first and a direction of play.

First round: The first round is played as in standard Scrabble where each player plays tiles down on the board and draws back up to seven. Make sure to keep score!

Subsequent rounds: Each turn has two parts. A player first has a Fluxx turn, where they draw and play Fluxx cards as per the standard rules of Fluxx. This Fluxx turn is followed by a "Scrabble" turn. A Scrabble turn consists of the following phases.

  1. Draw the number of tiles indicated by the "Draw n" Fluxx rule
  2. Play exactly the number of tiles indicated by the "Play n" Fluxx rule
    • If a player cannot legally play the correct number of tiles in one word, they may play the tiles in any number of separate words, but forfeit the single word bonus in scoring.
    • If a player still cannot legally play the correct number of tiles in their turn, they must play as much as possible and then reveal their hand. If another player can identify a legal play for any of the remaining tiles in their hand, the player loses points equal to the number of tiles they revealed. Otherwise, the player gains points equal to the value of the tiles. The player must then immediately turn in all of the tiles in their hand and redraw a hand of the same size (no more tiles may be played on this turn, though).
    • If a player has fewer tiles than they need to play to "Play n", they treat the rule as though it said "Play all". If they successfully "Play all" in one word, they still receive the single word bonus.
  3. Challenge any invalid plays. The challenging process for invalid words is the same as in standard Scrabble
  4. Score points for the tiles played. Scoring is as in normal scrabble with the following exceptions.
    • A player that reveals "unplayable" tiles gains points equal to the value of the tiles if no other player can identify a legal way to play any of them, otherwise they lose points equal to the value of the tiles.
    • A fifty point bonus is awarded any time that a player successfully plays seven (or more) tiles into a single word (even if they play multiple words on that turn or are unable to "Play n" total tiles on their turn)
    • A ten point "single word" bonus is awarded if there is a single word that contains all of the tiles placed by a player in a given turn and the player was able to successfully "Play n" tiles on their turn.
  5. Discard Scrabble tiles back to the bag to keep their total number of tiles equal to the Fluxx "Hand Limit" (if any)
End game and Winning: The game ends when any player successfully meets the Fluxx goal. It ends even if the player that met the Fluxx goal did not want the game to end yet. The winner is the player with the highest Scrabble score at the end of the game.